July 15, 2024

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Chris Brogan and Kerry O’Shea Gorgone Release the $BKPK Cryptocurrency to Support the Backpack Show

Chris Brogan and Kerry O’Shea Gorgone Release the $BKPK Cryptocurrency to Support the Backpack Show

BKPK Rally Coin Chris Brogan Kerry Gorgone

The other day, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone and I released a new cryptocurrency called the Backpack Present Coin (or just $BKPK, if you want to be like the great youngsters). It’s developed by a enterprise identified as Rally and was portion of a undertaking they released named Creator Coins. The strategy is that if you nurture a community like we do about the Backpack Exhibit, then you could construct your own micro-economic system and invite participants and users of that neighborhood to invest in, sell, hold, and trade a special forex.

What does ANY of that necessarily mean?

At the greatest stage, “Hey, if you get $BKPK cash, it supports the Backpack Present, but also, you get the reward of potentially earning even further more rewards than you would if you just sent in typical cash. WE get a reward for you acquiring the coin, but you ALSO get a reward for keeping it. Kind of like two men and women benefiting rather of just one.

A little far more “in the weeds:” cryptocurrency, you’ve it’s possible previously heard about. Cash like Bitcoin or Etherium or the currently popular “Doge coin” are other styles of cryptocurrency. So, the $BKPK coin is essentially a smaller decentralized (indicating anyone has management of it, not just one particular particular person) resource to pass worth (in this scenario, revenue) back and forth concerning individuals who accept that style of currency.

What can we do with the cash?

You can invest in sponsorship spots on the present, backstage passes, special closely discounted non-public coaching, and extra. We’re working up much more and extra choices and means to have enjoyable with the cash as we converse.

What do you want me to do?

We can approach this two ways. I shot a tiny online video for you, but I’ll demonstrate it suitable soon after the video, way too.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=WEPPB4voTh4

Watch this swift video clip, if you’d like.

There are just a several techniques to the process:

  1. Established up a totally free account at Rally.io
  2. Discover the Backpack Clearly show coin webpage.
  3. Obtain some coins if you want to just hold onto them. (Click on Obtain) OR
  4. Click 1 of the choices like “Buy a Power Hour of Coaching” to get a unique reward
  5. At the time you have the amount of coins required for that supplying, click Ship, and send out all those coins to “TheBackpackShow”
  6. And if you get stuck, just electronic mail [email protected]

And you really don’t HAVE to ship us the coins you obtain. That is only if you want to get some thing like a backstage go or sponsorship or whatever. You can just hold onto them and see what happens with the current market.

Very Essential: Cryptocurrency is a very volatile ecosystem. The value of any crypto coin can go up and down considerably and we have no command more than that. If you put in $10, you may possibly come across $100 the up coming time you log in, or you could possibly find $5. It’s a bit like the stock industry. If you are unsure of irrespective of whether you want to try this out, it’s ok if you don’t want to, and that is rather easy to understand.

The Neat Part (So Far)

Just by Holding onto the coins (which means, you acquire $10 worthy of or one thing like that and do practically nothing else), you insert to the price of the Backpack Present neighborhood. And simply because of that, there are even rewards.

Every single coin has a rewards pool that can be gained weekly (and I continue to really do not really realize how this all works). So for instance, on my private “chrisbrogan” account, I have cash from 7 or 8 unique creators. I purchased some of my friends’ coins to present assist. Every one particular of people cash has the chance to generate some benefits, and when they do, coin holders get some of that funds sent to their account, way too.

That means, you have the prospect for the coin’s value to go up and down AND you have the chance to earn even much more benefits just simply because you are holding on to cash.

(Disclaimer: I know only a small bit additional about crypto than most of you. Find out a lot more if you feel antsy.)

Likely Forward

While we carry on to experiment with this, there are tons of new options to try things out. I’m operating with some pals and partners to appear up with methods to offer rewards to people today simply for keeping the cash, additionally means that I can tack on price for OTHER individuals, if you select to fork out them with our $BKPK coins.

For occasion, let us say a pal is throwing a live performance. You can fork out at the doorway applying their coin, or you can pay back at the doorway utilizing the $BKPK coin. If you spend with BKPK and demonstrate us the receipt, we’ll give you extra rewards just for deciding on our forex as your payment system.

One more occasion is if we maintain a virtual celebration, the expense could be as economical as obtaining a small sum of every speaker’s Creator coin to get in.

And so on.

Want to Sign up for an Economic climate Experiment?

It’s all a grand experiment. It is wayyyyy way too early to know what to make of all this. But if you want to have fun *and* aid Kerry and I and The Backpack Present, consider choosing up some $BKPK cash right now.

  1. Go to Rally.io and make an account
  2. Go to the $BKPK web page and simply click Buy (or acquire the reward you want right)
  3. Either maintain the coins and truly feel great about it OR simply click Mail if you’re sending cash to invest in a reward

It’s that uncomplicated! 🙂