December 11, 2023

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The Stackies 2022: Marketing Tech Stack Awards

32 illustrated martech stacks entered in The Stackies 2022: Marketing Tech Stack Awards

The Stackies 2022: Marketing Tech Stack Awards

Yesterday — #MartechDay, yay! — we unveiled the world-wide 2022 promoting know-how landscape, immediately after having a calendar year off in 2021. It grew a exceptional 24% to 9,932 methods. To make it readable, we truly created it completely interactive at, where by you can look for, filter, zoom, and much more. It is really wild.

But inspite of its brain-boggling scale, the martech landscape has always been a sidebar to the real story of how know-how is modifying marketing and advertising. The definitely awesome things for me is how marketers leverage these tools with approach, talent, and creativity to attain exceptional outcomes for their businesses and their shoppers.

This is why The Stackies: Marketing Tech Stack Awards are my beloved neighborhood event in the martech business. Each and every 12 months, entrepreneurs enter by sharing a single slide that illustrates their martech stack. They typically shout-out to the precise solutions they use. But the very best ones categorical how they believe about their stack conceptually. How does it fit into their organizational functioning process? How does it aid their client journey?

Collectively, they give us some insight into how martech is remaining utilized.

And, because it’s also a fun awards application, several design their stack slides with a minor more pizzazz. Not necessarily applicable to the stack’s mission, but entertaining to look at.

This calendar year, 32 organizations despatched in stack illustrations. You can see all of them in the cost-free Condition of Martech 2022 report we produced yesterday — The Stackies commence on page 31. (And if you want to check out the ones from past years, here’s 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.)

As is our custom, we donate $100 for every experienced entry to a non-income. In the earlier, we’ve donated to businesses that encourage variety and inclusion in martech. This year, specified the horrible situation in Ukraine, we’re donating the $3,200 to the International Rescue Committee.

Every single 12 months, we also decide on 5 “winners” for the awards. I put winners in quotes since, when the ones we pick are magnificent examples of martech stacks that have introduced one thing specially practical or innovative to their visualization, everybody who contributes to The Stackies is a winner in my eyes. The martech local community as a whole wins from this magnificent corpus of actual-earth stack examples.

4 Successful Stacks from 2021, Up to date for 2022

My gratitude is specifically huge for organizations who enter The Stackies a number of years in a row. They give us a window into how martech stacks evolve in excess of time, technically and conceptually.

Four of the 5 winners from previous year’s Stackies — Itaú, Juniper Networks, Philips, and SAS — entered yet again this calendar year with current slides, and wow, they’re severely magnificent. They thoroughly qualify as successful entries again.

Nevertheless, we preferred to spread the enjoy a little bit to contributors who didn’t just acquire very last 12 months. So although we did not select them as winners for 2022, they definitely ought to have to be recognized as “standing winners” from last yr.

Here they are:

Itaú Martech Stack
Itaú, Martech Stack 2022
Juniper Networks, Martech Stack 2022
Philips Martech Stack
Philips, Martech Stack 2022
SAS, Martech Stack 2022

Itaú, Juniper Networks, Philips, and SAS — thank you so a lot for continuing to add to The Stackies! These a excellent way to aid the broader martech group.

5 Martech Stacks from New Winners in 2022

Still, deciding on five winners between all the remaining great entries was hard. These are the types we picked, but I strongly encourage you to down load the full established in the Condition of Martech 2022 report and decide on out your favorites. Share them on social media and give a shout-out to these providers to allow them know you appreciate their contributions.

Our 5 picks, in alphabetical get:

Autodesk Martech Stack
Autodesk, Martech Stack 2022
Rabobank Martech Stack
Rabobank, Martech Stack 2022
REA Group Martech Stack
REA Group, Martech Stack 2022
Sargento Martech Stack
Sargento, Martech Stack 2022
Verizon Martech Stack
Verizon, Martech Stack 2022

Once again, a enormous, deep, heartfelt thank you to all of the entrants to this year’s Stackies. There were so quite a few superb entries from the AMA, Annum, Cvent, Digital Attain, EC Hispanic Media, Elastic, Ersi, Ink, Lob, LTI, Lumavate, PrismHR, Syngene, TOPENLand, Whirlpool and more. Check them all out.

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